Welcome to the all new website.

This year, 2008, PhragWeb is ten years on the Internet and I thought it deserved a facelift. And although there are some things that in my opinion still need some work, I think the new look for the website turned out alright. I do hope you like it too.

Reworking the entire website has taken more time then I hoped it would, but now that it is finished I can concentrate on some much needed content updates. Several people have send me new photos of both Phragmipedium species and hybrids which still need to be added to the website. Also the more "scientific" side of PhragWeb is way behind on the latest views and findings. For example I still need to sort out the pearcei/pearcei var. ecuadorense situation, and although some minor changes have already been incorporated the new views and namings of the section Phragmipedium need to be updated on this website. As you can see, reason enough to revisit this website in the future and checkout the changes and updates. ;o)

Enjoy, and thank you for visiting.

Rob Zuiderwijk