My name is Rob Zuiderwijk, I'm just an hobbyist who loves plants and orchids in particular. My housing situation does not allow me to grow large numbers of slipper orchids. That's the reason why I started to "grow" them on the Internet in this web site. I started working on this web site about ten years ago on the 7th of March 1998 and will continue working on it and update it, every time new information comes to my knowledge and my spare time allows it. The later probably means that updates will be irregular.

Since I haven't studied anything botanical it means that on some subjects dealt with on this web site I'm learning as I'm going along. This means that I will always appreciate the help of the more knowledgeable. So please feel free to contact me with any corrections, suggestions, additional or new information or other on-topic matters that might need attention on this web site.

Oh, a tip to help you navigate through PhragWeb. Beside the obvious menus at the top and bottom of the pages, all green coloured text is hyperlinked as well.

Thank you for visiting this website.

Rob Zuiderwijk