Phragmipedium lindenii

This Phragmipedium is a "natural anomaly". With this I mean that this is a unique, natural occurring, peloric taxon. In this species the pouch is replaced by a third normal petal. In Cash's The Slipper Orchids one can read: "This unique species is the only example of predictable peloria of the corolla in the subfamily, and it's appearance is greatly modified by the presence of a petal in place of the pouch. Because of the close relationship between stamens and petals, it's not surprising that the flower of Phrag. lindenii possesses a third fertile anther as well". Garay (1979), pointed out that while populations of Phrag. lindenii produce the occasional anomalous, normally pouched flower, they never interphase in habitat with populations of other taxa in the same Phragmipedium-section. And furthermore, the anomalous, normal flower is in all morphological features identical to Phrag. caudatum var. wallisii.

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