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Phragmipedium (Rosy Gem x besseae)

The abnormal Phragmipedium that is presented here was once owned by Eric Muehlbauer from Queens, New York, United States. This plant was "first shown to the public" through the OLD Photo Exchange. The information on this page is, with permission from Eric Muehlbauer, based on the text that accompanied the photo at the OLD Photo Exchange.
(OLD information: 30-Jan-1997, OLD Volume [930], Subject [12513] Peloric Phrag)

The plant, a hybrid of Phrag. Rosy Gem with Phrag. besseae, had on it's first bloom an inflorescence which carried a total of seven flowers. The first flower that opened had one normal petal and two pouches. The other six flowers that opened later on, were all fully peloric. What in this case means; had three pouches. One of these peloric flowers is shown in the photo. This plant bloomed from August to December, and then it died.