Phragmipedium Grande Veitch
registered 1881.

Synonyms :

Parentage : Phrag. longifolium x Phrag. caudatum

Etymology :

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Flower :

Flowering season :

Comments : Back then in 1881 this hybrid was originally registered as Selenipedium Grande.
The hybrid Phrag. Grande was originally made with Phrag. hartwegii. Back in those days hartwegii was seen as a variety of longifolium. Therefore Phrag. Grande is said to be a hybrid of Phrag. longifolium.
An interesting remark was published as a Registrar's Note in the Supplement of New Orchid Hybrids to The Orchid Review, May-Jun 2003, Vol. 111, No. 1251. I quote:
"Phragmipedium Grande. There appear to be two different grexes grown under this name. The original Phrag. Grande is Phrag. caudatum x Phrag. longifolium with a basically green flower and a little red-bronze or mahogany colouring on the pouch. It is illustrated in Reichenbachia 2nd series, 1: t.16 (1892) which plate is reproduced in Die Orchidee 44(6): 284 (1993). The other grex is Phrag. warscewiczianum x Phrag. longifolium for which the registered name Phrag. Wössner Supergrande is available. This grex produces flowers which are much darker in colour with more mahogany-red on the pouch, cf. illustration in Die Orchidee 44(6): 296 (1993). Probably, this confusion has arisen because Phrag. warscewiczianum was at one time registered as Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum."

Hybrids :
   Phrag. Grande
      x Phrag. besseae = Phrag. China Dragon
      x Phrag. caricinum = Phrag. Evy Finegan
      x Phrag. caudatum = Phrag. Giganteum
      x Phrag. caudatum var. wallisii = Phrag. Penns Creek Cascade
      x Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum = Phrag. Devil Fire
      x Phrag. dalessandroi = Phrag. Quetivel Mill
      x Phrag. hirtzii = Phrag. Deliverance
      x Phrag. lindleyanum = Phrag. Uranus
      x Phrag. lindleyanum var. sargentianum = Phrag. Umbriel
      x Phrag. longifolium = Phrag. Mont Fallu
      x Phrag. pearcei var. ecuadorense = Phrag. Shizuko Kawatsura
      x Phrag. Acker's Superstar = Phrag. Acker's Star
      x Phrag. Andean Fire = Phrag. Reznor
      x Phrag. Bel Royal = Phrag. Mont a l'Abbe
      x Phrag. Calurum = Phrag. Archirondel
      x Phrag. Conchiferum = Phrag. Elsteadianum
      x Phrag. Court Jester = Phrag. Green Dragon
      x Phrag. Desormes = Phrag. Grands Vaux
      x Phrag. Dominianum = Phrag. Acker's Grand Domain
      x Phrag. Eric Young = Phrag. Bouley Bay
      x Phrag. Fliquet = Phrag. Pontac
      x Phrag. Hanne Popow = Phrag. Les Landes
      x Phrag. Jason Fischer = Phrag. Saie Harbour
      x Phrag. Jersey = Phrag. Francheville
      x Phrag. Living Fire = Phrag. Becquet Vincent
      x Phrag. Memoria Dick Clements = Phrag. Fliquet
      x Phrag. Nicholle Tower = Phrag. Mourier Point
      x Phrag. Portelet = Phrag. La Hougue Bie
      x Phrag. Predator = Phrag. Tyrannosaurus
      x Phrag. Rosy Charm = Phrag. Acker's Charm
      x Phrag. Rouge Bouillon = Phrag. Greve d'Azette
      x Phrag. Ruby Slippers = Phrag. Rapunzel
      x Phrag. Sedenii = Phrag. Pulchellum
      x Phrag. Sorcerer's Apprentice = Phrag. Les Dirouilles
      x Phrag. Sunset Glow = Phrag. Acker's Sunset
      x Phrag. Twilight = Phrag. Audrey

      Intergeneric hybrids :
      x Paphiopedilum Memoria J.H. Walker = Phrphm. Confusion