Phragmipedium Penelaus Veitch

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Parentage : Phrag. lindenii x Phrag. Calurum

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Comments : There was mentioning of this hybrid in the Gardeners' Chronicle of 21-Jan-1893 on page 80. According to the text it was an hybrid made by J. Veitch & Sons and it received a First-Class Certificate at an orchid judging session. In the text it was mentioned as Cypripedium Penelaus = Cypripedium lindenii x Cypripedium Calurum.

,,Cypripedium Penelaus (C. caudatum Lindeni x C. calurum) a remarkably fine and distinct hybrid, the colour of the flowers are deeper than in C. calurum, but possessing much of its character, the petals being, however much longer (about 6 inches), also twisted; the younger flower was a deep rosy-pink, the older one paler; the habit vigorous. Also from Messrs. J. Veitch & Sons.''

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