Phragmipedium Sedenii Veitch
registered 1873.

Synonyms :
   Phragmipedium Porphyreum; Veitch 1878
   Phragmipedium Sedenii (var.) Candidulum
   Phragmipedium Sedenii (var.) Porphyreum
   Phragmipedium Tenellum; P. & M. 1890
   Phragmipedium Weidlichianum; Sanders 1890

Parentage : Phrag. longifolium x Phrag. schlimii

Etymology : Reichenbach. f. named this hybrid after John Seden, who was a successful gardener and working at Veitch & Sons.

Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower : Depending on the various colour-intensities of the parents that were used, the flowers of Phrag. Sedenii are equally different in colour. They vary from almost pure white, with a very light pink blush to a very dark purple.

Flowering season :

Comments : This is a quite variable hybrid when it comes to the colour of the flowers. The colours can be so different that they at first were given different names. For example, the plants which showed a very light coloured flower were named Phrag. Sedenii (var.) Candidulum and the plants which had a very dark coloured flower were called Phrag. Sedenii (var.) Porphyreum or even Phrag. Porphyreum. Of course all these plants are one and the same, very various, hybrid. So the names mentioned earlier are just synonyms for Phrag. Sedenii.

Hybrids :
   Phrag. Sedenii
      x Phrag. besseae = Phrag. Elizabeth March
      x Phrag. boissierianum = Phrag. Brysa
      x Phrag. caricinum = Phrag. Raymond Faroult
      x Phrag. caudatum = Phrag. Schroederae
      x Phrag. caudatum var. wallisii = Phrag. Comicea
      x Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum = Phrag. Helmut Röhrl
      x Phrag. hartwegii = Phrag. Pink Pearl
      x Phrag. klotzscheanum = Phrag. Suave
      x Phrag. lindleyanum = Phrag. Perseus
      x Phrag. lindleyanum var. sargentianum = Phrag. Mont Fellard
      x Phrag. longifolium = Phrag. Calurum
      x Phrag. longifolium var. roezlii = Phrag. Ainsworthii
      x Phrag. richteri = Phrag. Bernie Huizing
      x Phrag. schlimii = Phrag. Cardinale
      x Phrag. Beauport = Phrag. La Cotte
      x Phrag. Calurum = Phrag. Lemoinierianum
      x Phrag. Cardinale = Phrag. Rosy Gem
      x Phrag. Conchiferum = Phrag. Coppinianum
      x Phrag. Grande = Phrag. Pulchellum
      x Phrag. Hanne Popow = Phrag. Randy MacDonald
      x Phrag. La Moye = Phrag. Leslie Ee
      x Phrag. Longueville = Phrag. Bellozanne
      x Phrag. Praying Mantis = Phrag. Clover Field
      x Phrag. Sorcerer's Apprentice = Phrag. Lucille Faust
      x Phrag. Sunset Glow = Phrag. Cahaba Katie Rose

      Intergeneric hybrids :
      x Paphiopedilum dayanum = Phrphm. Elisabeth Schrull