Phragmipedium lindleyanum var. kaieteurum (N.E. Br.)Pfitzer
in E. Engler, Das Pflanzenreich Heft 12: 45, 1903.

Basionym :
   Selenipedium kaieteurum N.E. Br. in Gardener's Chronicle n.s. 24: 262, 1885.

Type :

Synonyms :
   Selenipedium lindleyanum var. kaieteurum (N.E. Br.)Cogniaux in Martius, Flora Brasiliensis 3(4): 14, 1893.
   Paphiopedilum kaieteurum (N.E. Br.)V.A. Albert & Börge Pettersson in Lindleyana 9(2): 137, 1994.
   Phragmipedium lindleyanum var. kaieteurum (N.E. Br.)Rchb. f. ex Pfitzer, nomen by Cash, Catherine, in Slipper Orchids: 142, 1991.
   Phragmipedium kaieteurum (N.E. Br.)Garay in Orchid Digest 43: 136, 1979.
   Phragmopedilum lindleyanum var. kaieteurum (N.E. Br.)Pfitzer in Engler, Das Pflanzenreich Heft 12: 45, 1903.

Varieties :

Etymology : This plant is named after de place where it was discovered by G.S. Jenman; the Kaieteura-Falls at the Potaro River in British Guyana.

Plant :
Leaves : The leaves are relatively short, tong-shaped and don't have the yellow edge.
Inflorescence :
Flower : The corners of the lip opening are spotted at the front side. (Phrag. lindleyanum doesn't have those spots.) The staminode is triangular in shape and has a short rounded point at the lower side.

Habitat : The taxon was found growing on rock cliffs near the Kaieteur-Falls at the Potaro River.

Distribution : Guyana and Venezuela.

Flowering season :

Chromosomes :

History : The description of this species occurred on 29th of August 1885 by N.E. Brown and was based on herbarium material that was collected by G.S. Jenman at the Kaieteur Falls at the Potaro River in British Guyana.

Comments : The difference between this taxon and Phrag. lindleyanum are so small that according to Gruss (1995) it's not very useful the keep the status of species. But since there are some differences declaring it a synonym of Phrag. lindleyanum as Stein did, isn’t very useful either. It's best to give it the rank of variety, as was already done or suggested by Cogniaux, Reichenbach f., Pfitzer and Cash.

Hybrids :
   Phrag. lindleyanum var. kaieteurum
      x Phrag. besseae = Phrag. Rosalie Dixler
      x Phrag. boissierianum var. czerwiakowianum = Phrag. Gary Baker
      x Phrag. caudatum var. wallisii = Phrag. Rumwall
      x Phrag. longifolium = Phrag. Memoria Ed Murphy
      x Phrag. pearcei var. ecuadorense = Phrag. Norvin Olivas