Phragmipedium besseae f. flavum (Braem)Gruss & Roeth
in Caesiana, 12: 65, 1999.

Basionym :
   Phragmipedium besseae var. flava Braem in Schlechteriana 1(2): 55, 1990.

Type :

Synonyms :
   Phragmipedium besseae var. album hort.
   Phragmipedium besseae var. aureum hort.

Varieties :

Etymology : flava/flavum means yellow. So the name of this forma points to the colour of the flowers.

Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower :

Habitat :

Distribution : The type material that Dr. Guido J. Braem used for his description in Schlechteriana was collected in Peru.

Flowering season :

Chromosomes : 2n = 24, 25, 26 (Wimber).

History :

Comments : In the original description Guido Braem named this form var. flava, but that is according to the rules grammatically wrong. In September 2000 after I asked him about it, he explained to me that the correct name should be var. flavum and that according to the Code of Botanical Nomenclature this can be corrected without having to publish a new description. So Phrag. besseae var. flavum is the correct name for his description.

Hybrids :
   Phrag. besseae f. flavum
      x Phrag. boissierianum var. czerwiakowianum = Phrag. Robert Palm
      x Phrag. hirtzii = Phrag. Mountain Maid
      x Phrag. klotzscheanum = Phrag. Will Chantry
      x Phrag. lindleyanum = Phrag. Andean Fire
      x Phrag. longifolium = Phrag. Eric Young
      x Phrag. richteri = Phrag. Franz Glanz
      x Phrag. lindleyanum var. sargentianum = Phrag. Memoria Dick Clements
      x Phrag. schlimii = Phrag. Hanne Popow
      x Phrag. Beauport = Phrag. Icho Tower
      x Phrag. Eric Young = Phrag. Don Wimber
      x Phrag. Olaf Gruss = Phrag. La Rosiere

Although they can be quite different in colour, all hybrids with Phrag. besseae f. flavum are officially seen by the registrar as the same hybrids with the red Phrag. besseae and have therefore the same name.
Here I have only listed the hybrids of which there are photos on PhragWeb.