Phragmipedium caudatum var. wallisii (Rchb. f.)Pfitzer
in Engler's Das Pflanzenreich IV, Heft 12: 53, 1903.

Basionym :
   Selenipedium wallisii Rchb. f. in Xenia Orchidacea 2: 189, 1873.

Type :

Synonyms :
   Cypripedium wallisii (Rchb. f.)B.S. Williams in Orchid Growers Manual, 261, 1885.
   Cypripedium caudatum var. album in Lindenia 3, 86, 1887.
   Cypripedium caudatum var. wallisii Veitch, Man. Orch. Pl. IV, 61, 1889.
   Paphiopedilum wallisii (Rchb. f.)Pfitzer in Engler, Botanische Jahrb├╝cher 19: 42, 1894.
   Paphiopedilum caudatum var. seegerianum J. O'Brien in Gardeners' Chronicle ser. 3, 3: 428, 1888.
   Paphiopedilum caudatum var. wallisii Kerchove, Livre des Orch., 454, 1894.
   Paphiopedilum caudatum var. wallisii Stein, Orchideenbuch, 460, 1892.
   Paphiopedilum caudatum var. wallisii (Rchb. f.)Schltr. in Fedde Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg., Beihefte 8: 111, 1921.
   Phragmipedium wallisii (Rchb. f.)Garay in Fl. Ecuador Orch. 9: 24, 1979.
   Selenipedium caudatum var. wallisii Rolfe in The Orchid Review 3, 335, 1895; evtl. Pucci, Les Cypripedium, 60, 1891.

Varieties :

Etymology : This taxon is named for Gustav Wallis who discovered it.

Plant :
Leaves :
Inflorescence :
Flower : The flowers are smaller than those of the other members of the section Phragmipedium. The staminode is 3-lobbed, in which the lateral lobs are arching backwards and end in the shape of an arrow. The middle lob is narrow tongue-shaped and somewhat rounded at the top. The mouth of the lip is yellow with brown spots.

Habitat :

Distribution : Ecuador and Colombia.

Flowering season :

Chromosomes : 2n = 28 (Karasawa, 1980).

History :

Comments :

Hybrids :
   Phrag. caudatum var. wallisii
      x Phrag. besseae = Phrag. Maria Glanz
      x Phrag. boissierianum = Phrag. Harbinger's Grasshopper
      x Phrag. boissierianum var. czerwiakowianum = Phrag. Green Ghost
      x Phrag. caricinum = Phrag. Clymene
      x Phrag. caudatum = Phrag. Tall Tails
      x Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum = Phrag. Stairway to Heaven
      x Phrag. dalessandroi = Phrag. Paternoster
      x Phrag. lindleyanum = Phrag. Fred Wright
      x Phrag. lindleyanum var. kaieteurum = Phrag. Rumwall
      x Phrag. lindleyanum var. sargentianum = Phrag. Carrefour Selous
      x Phrag. longifolium = Phrag. Paul Eugene Conroy
      x Phrag. pearcei = Phrag. Memoria Garren Weaver
      x Phrag. richteri = Phrag. Scheherezade
      x Phrag. Andean Fire = Phrag. Ruby Cascade
      x Phrag. Calurum = Phrag. Memoria Millie Hallberg
      x Phrag. Don Wimber = Phrag. Acker's Sunstar
      x Phrag. Eric Young = Phrag. Chuck Acker
      x Phrag. Giganteum = Phrag. Hercules
      x Phrag. Grande = Phrag. Penns Creek Cascade
      x Phrag. Green Hornet = Phrag. Mystic Dragon
      x Phrag. Hanne Popow = Phrag. Ruaudiere
      x Phrag. Mont Fallu = Phrag. Rumplestiltskin
      x Phrag. Robert Palm = Phrag. Golden Beryl
      x Phrag. Sedenii = Phrag. Comicea
      x Phrag. Silver Eagle = Phrag. Guardian Angel
      x Phrag. Sorcerer's Apprentice = Phrag. Lucy Robbins