Phragmipedium caudatum var. warscewiczianum (Rchb. f.)Gruss
in Die Orchidee 44(3): 134, 1993.

Basionym :
   Cypripedium warscewiczianum Rchb. f. in Botanische Zeitung 10: 692, 1852.

Type :

Synonyms :
   Cypripedium caudatum var. roseum hort. in Kerchove, Orch., 1894.
   Cypripedium caudatum var. warscewiczii hort. L'Orchidophile, 337, 1887.
   Paphiopedilum caudatum var. roseum hort. in Kerchove, Orch., l.c., 1894.
   Phragmopedilum caudatum var. warscewiczii hort. in Missouri Botanical Garden Bulletin 20 No. 4, t. 20, 1932.
   Phragmipedium humboldtii (Warsc. ex Rchb. f.)J.T. Atwood & Dressler in Selbyana 19(2): 246, 1998.
   Phragmipedium warscewiczianum (Rchb. f.)Garay in Orchid Digest 43: 139, 1979.
   Phragmopedilum warscewiczianum (Rchb. f.)Schltr. in Fedde Repert. Spec. Nov. Beiheft 17: 9, 1922.
   Selenipedium caudatum var. roseum Du Buysson in Ill. Hort. 33: 77, pl. 506, 1886.
   Selenipedium caudatum var. warscewiczii Gard. and For.: 284, fig. 41, 1890.
   Selenipedium warscewiczianum Rchb. f. in Bonplandia Vol. 2/4: 116, 1854.
   Although the naming Phragmopedilum caudatum var. warscewiczii in Missouri Botanical Garden Bulletin 20 no. 4, t. 20, 1932, was used as a subscript with the picture and in the text, there was no reference to the basionym, which made a recombination necessary. The same goes for the publication by Fortin (1975). (Gruss - 1993)

Varieties :

Etymology : J. de Warscewicz is the man after which this variety is named. He was a Polish plant collector and discoverer of many species.

Plant :
Leaves : Shorter and wider leaves with a dark green colour.
Inflorescence :
Flower : The staminode is even and has the shape of a transverse rectangle. The mouth of the lip has a yellow-brown colour.

Habitat :

Distribution : Guatemala and (possibly) Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Flowering season :

Chromosomes : 2n = 28 (Karasawa).

History :

Comments :

Hybrids :
   Phrag. caudatum var. warscewiczianum
      x Phrag. besseae = Phrag. Super Rubies
      x Phrag. caricinum = Phrag. Meditation
      x Phrag. caudatum = Phrag. Majestic Tresses
      x Phrag. caudatum var. wallisii = Phrag. Stairway to Heaven
      x Phrag. klotzscheanum = Phrag. Alien Syndrome
      x Phrag. lindleyanum var. sargentianum = Phrag. Red Lightning
      x Phrag. longifolium = Phrag. Wössner Supergrande
      x Phrag. pearcei var. ecuadorense = Phrag. Mini Grande
      x Phrag. richteri = Phrag. Predator
      x Phrag. Andean Fire = Phrag. Jax
      x Phrag. Calurum = Phrag. Moon Shadow
      x Phrag. Eric Young = Phrag. Ashley Wilkes
      x Phrag. Grande = Phrag. Devil Fire
      x Phrag. Memoria Dick Clements = Phrag. Cuzco Blood
      x Phrag. Sedenii = Phrag. Helmut Röhrl
      x Phrag. Sorcerer's Apprentice = Phrag. Inti's Tears
      x Phrag. Summer Fire = Phrag. Hang Fire
      x Phrag. Tall Tails = Phrag. Fiddlesticks
      x Phrag. Urgandiae = Phrag. Marsh Wiggle